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01/25/2024: Our research on using autonomous drone swarms to track and sample the aerosols from wildfires is covered

by APS news.

01/05/2024: Nikil, Ramesh, Aditya, Lalitaditya, Sujeendra from Robotics joined the lab to accomplish their master thesis. Welcome!

09/19/2023: Jiaqi received the Siberman Fellowship from SAFL. Congratulations, Jiaqi! 

07/05/2023: Nick successfully defended his Master thesis and joined the lab as a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computation Engineering. Welcome, Nick!

03/03/2022: Jiaqi received the Charles Song Fellowship from SAFL. Congratulations, Jiaqi!

11/09/2021: Airborne transmission during dental procedure is broadly covered by the media

08/06/2021: Our research on wind instrument aerosol transmission covered by Science News.

07/27/2021: Aliza defended his thesis entitled "The effect of dynamic operation and incoming flow on the wake of a utility-scale wind turbine". Congratulations, Dr. Abraham!

05/21/2021: Siyao defended his thesis entitled "Investigation into bubbly wake of ventilated supercavitation". Congratulations, Dr. Shao!

11/30/2020: The Minnesota Orchestra released a video about our COVID-19 transmission study: Safety in the Spotlight

11/22/2020: Our research on snow settling was featured by APS: Breaking the ice on melting and freezing

10/22/2020: Our musical instrument study was featured in the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine: U of M Researchers Study the Minnesota Orchestra to Increase Safety

10/18/2020: Our research on the risk of COVID-19 transmission during musical instrument performance was covered by the Star Tribune: University of Minnesota, orchestra study aerosols from instruments

10/16/2020: Aliza received the SAFL Silberman Fellowship. Congratulations!

10/02/2020: Santosh defended his thesis entitled "Investigation of viscous sublayer using Fresnel reflection holography". Congratulations, Dr. Sankar!

08/28/2020: Our COVID-19 work was covered by Healthline: Staying 6 Feet Apart Often Isn’t Enough During COVID-19 Pandemic

07/30/2020: Our research on the effect of ventilation on COVID-19 transmission was featured on Good Morning America: Ventilation placement could affect COVID-19: Study

07/04/2020: Our COVID-19 air transmission work was featured on the front page of the Star Tribune: From elevators to concert halls, University of Minnesota studies indoor COVID-19 hot spots


06/2020: Leo defended his MS thesis. Congratulations, Leo!

05/27/2020: Kevin defended his thesis entitled "Computational Digital Inline Holography for In Situ Particle Tracking and Characterization". Congratulations, Dr. Mallery!


05/2020: Joe defended his MS thesis. Congratulations, Joe!


05/2020: Kayley defended her MS thesis. Congratulations, Kayley!


04/2020: Our research on COVID-19 transmission was featured on Kare11 News: U of M airborne droplet research could answer questions about potential coronavirus air transmission


04/2020: Linyue received the REC Renewable Energy Fellowship. Congratulations!


04/2020: Aliza received the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. Congratulations!


03/2020: Our paper was selected for the cover of Biotechnology and Bioengineering:


02/2020: Leo won the Nels Nelson Memorial Fellowship. Congratulations!


11/2019: Jiarong in "Life Below the Turbines" aired on CBS Minnesota.


10/2019: Aliza won second place in the UMN Mechanical Engineering Three Minute Thesis competition. Congratulations!


10/2019: Kayley received the Tsai Travel Award. Congratulations!


06/2019: Our work on wind turbine near-wake behavior was reported in Advances in Engineering. Link


10/2018: Teja received the Tsai Travel Award. Congratulations!


09/2018: Santosh received the SAFL Silberman Fellowship. Congratulations!


09/05/2018: Teja defended his thesis entitled "Near-wake studies of a utility-scale wind turbine using snowflake-based particle image velocimetry". Congratulations, Dr. Dasari!


12/2017: Our paper on gas jet supercavitation is selected as the Editor's Pick in Physics of Fluids!


12/2017: Kevin received MnDrive Fellowship. Congratulations!


11/2016: Aliza Abraham joined the lab as a PhD student.


04/14/2016: Ashish defended his thesis entitled "Bubbly flow physics for aerated hydroturbines and underwater transport". Congratulations, Dr. Karn!


03/21/2016: Mostafa defended his thesis entitled "Digital inline holographic particle tracking velocimetry for 3D flow measurements". Congratulations, Dr. Toloui!


03/07/2016: Jiarong received ONR YIP Award entitled "Probe into Ventilated Cavitation Physics with Novel Imaging Techniques". Link


02/05/2016: Our paper on supercavitation is selected to be the cover of JFM!


01/05/2016: Jiarong received McKnight Land Grant Award!


12/21/2015: David Brajkovic defended his MS thesis on “Digital Inline Holographic System for In Situ Measurements" . Congratulations to David!


12/2015: Three undergraduate researchers have received UROP Award. Congratulations to Alex, Rohan and Kira!


11/04/2015: Ashish received Student Fund Travel Award from SAFL. Congratulations to Ashish!


08/15/2015: The 1st lab BBQ took place at Boom Island Park

07/2015: Ashish received Edward Silberman Award from SAFL. Congratulations to Ashish!


05/2015: Ashish received Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from UMN. Congratulations to Ashish!


03/2015: Jiarong received NSF Career Award entitled "Tackling Fluid Dynamics at Full Scale for Wind Energy Applications."   Link

11/2014: Ashish won the Tsai Travel Award from SAFL. Congratulations to Ashish!


11/2014: Kevin Mallery joined the lab as a PhD student.


09/2014: Teja Dasari joined the lab as a PhD student.


06/2014: Our field PIV measurement using snowflakes was published on Nature Communication and widely reported by public media including Nature, National Geographic, Yahoo News, LiveScience,, New Scientist and many others.


02/2013: Mostafa received MnDrive fellowship on bioremediation from the University of Minnesota. Congratulations to Mostafa!


02/2013: Mostafa received interdisciplinary fellowship from the University of Minnesota. Congratulations to Mostafa!

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